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My aim is to share my story  in the hope it will inspire you, to find your purpose in life, make a living from your passion and live the life of your dreams.

Hi my name is Angela, I was born and brought up in England. I have lived in England all my life. Thank you for dropping by, I hope you gain something from my Blog.  I am happy to connect with you. Lets talk about Holistic living – Remember Holistic living isn’t just about food, it’s about your whole being. That’s mind, body and soul. I believe that everyone can and should live the life of their dreams. Believe it or not it’s possible. Everyone has a purpose in life, your purpose is what you are innately passionate about. Your purpose in life is to use your passion to help others. Some call it Destiny or living their dream. You know you are living your life's purpose  when you can't wait to get out of bed in the morning to get started, you would do what you do for free, you can't believe they pay you for what you do. I believe that if everyone did what they were passionate about the world of work would be a better place.Check out archived Blogs.  This will be a series of talks about living your life holistically – This Blog is about The Body.

Body Works

These blogs will focus on the body, Having looked at 'What you do for living' we also dealt with 'SELF=YOU' and ' The Exhorted Soul' all books can now be found on Amazon(  I would like to introduce Lena, you will get to know Ms Lena Body intimately, as we will discuss her life and body from a spiritual, internal and external view point....Should be fascinating! 

Where does your feet take you?

Introducing Ms Lena Body.

21st January 2019

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Here is Lena, she is a 30 years old single woman, who leaves alone in a flat she brought last year. Lena has two brothers, both older than her. Lenas' parents are both in good health, they live together and are about ten minutes away from her. Lena's childhood was filled with love as she was a welcomed 'surprise' baby, after her parents had thought they 'were done'. Lena was doted on by her parents, especially her mother who thought she would never experience having a daughter to 'dress up'. Her older brothers thought she was fascinating as she was a girl and instantly took on a protective role. School life was great as Lena was well liked by her teachers and peers alike, she found the work interesting, easy and most of the time fun! As a teenager Lena enjoyed an active social life, and where she was introduced to Alcohol...She found that it was a welcome 'friend' when others were not available. Lena attended college and went on to University where partying took on a whole new meaning. Lena could be found on four day binges of party, drink, sleep and party again. In her third year she 'sobered up' and managed to leave University with a respectable 2:1 falling if you will into her 'dream job' as an accountant. At 26 Lena had been at her job for nearly five years and yearned for a change. She left and found a post with greater prestige, nearly double the wage but twice the stress. This is where we will leave Lenas' history for the moment.

This blog will concern itself with Lena's feet! Lena likes to keep fit and walks to and from work everyday, Lena also attends her local gym twice a week. As we can see Lena walks to work, a place she finds stressful and have noted that her boss threatens her with the sack at least once a week. How’s work really? This question has been broached in my book ‘What Do You Do For A Living’ (2016) Angela Scott, What do you do for a living, Amazon chapter one) and again my latest book ‘The Exhorted Soul’ (2018) Angela Scott, The Exhorted Soul, Amazon chapter 12 ‘Soul Care’) Lenas' feet takes her to a place of work that does not serve her! Lena explains that she often feels sad when she wakes in the morning of a work day, but the walk to work helps her brush off the feeling and gives her the energy to manage whatever her boss throws at her. How do you feel about the places your feet take you? This could be work, a friends’ house, a weekly gathering, a place of worship? What does your body tell you about your destinations? Uneasy feelings, we know need to be acknowledged. Do you acknowledge your uneasy feelings or brush them off? Let’s investigate this first part of Lena’s work day.

She states that she wakes feeling sad. I feel sad for Lena as she probably goes to bed feeling sad, and instead of getting the rest she needs, she thinks of the coming day and the stresses it may bring. Before you fall asleep, what do you think about?

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My night routine as I drift off to sleep is a chant I say ‘Thank you God, thank you God, thank you God’ I am not suggesting that you start chanting, but for me, it helps stop me thinking of anything else other than good thoughts……Nothing can be greater (for me) than to give God thanks……As I give thanks I cannot think of debt, the deadline, the fact that I have to do this or do that tomorrow. Lenas thoughts of the coming work day may be filled with, yet another put down, feelings of not being enough or the treat of being sacked. It is no wonder she wakes up feeling sad and as the Law of Attraction states, what you think about, you bring about. (See The Exhorted Soul- Chapter 1,2,3)

In ‘The Vortex’ Abraham Hicks gives a ‘Brief Bedtime Exercise That Transforms Relationships’ in which they state ‘you will set the tone of the Vibration in which you will awaken in the morning’. Who are you taking to bed with you each night? Is it your boss, that co-worker, the bills? Is your private space really big enough for you and all the issues you have during your waking state? Something to think about. Here’s the thing, do you know that when you awake from sleep you are in what Abraham Hicks calls the Vortex. ‘During the night, they state, you released all resistance. And when you awakened, you deliberately kept the resistance-free zone going by basking for a while’. You are in a state of possibilities, anything while in this state, is possible. This state of possibilities is your chance to decide what the next hour, rest of your day or even the next week will bring. This state of possibilities last a very short time….Image result for 15 seconds

I believe it lasts about 15 seconds on awaking, you then as Hicks states, ‘come out of the vortex’ and back to the real world in which you think about having to go to work, or having to fight through traffic, maybe your thoughts go to the daily struggle to get the kids up and out the house, it could be that meeting you have with your creditors, perhaps you remember that you have to deal with what Sharon said about you to Tom! Whatever your issue is for that day or that week, it comes flooding back to you as the 15 seconds e-lapse. So Lena wakes sad, but brushes it off with her walk to work. As she steps over the threshold of her work place Lena has her back up as she awaits a nasty email, a note on her desk or a face to face interaction with her boss…It’s a shame that Lena has caused all these negative instances! How did she cause this? You shout! Well from the start Lena told her boss (albeit unconsciously) what she is willing to stand for or put up with. Lena did not consider where she stood in the order of importance to herself or to the company she works for? What Lena has to do, is put her foot down. Let’s help her do that. Many of us secure employment and although we are grateful for the opportunity, we abate or subdue the feelings of worthiness quickly. You know that feeling you get when you have been told that you got the job, that feeling of ‘I’ve done good’ or ‘I’m proud of myself’? For some, it will last until they get to the car park, as the minute they get in the car, they begin to worry about having to work for six weeks before getting paid. for others it will last until they tell their  ‘B’ friend (See ‘What Do You Do For A Living’ Chapter 7 ‘Who’s Holding You Back’) that they got the job and is reminded that it is going to take an hour and 20 minutes each morning through traffic to get there. For Lena it lasted a whole week and a half at the job, after which she realised that she was just a pawn in a huge pool of accountants, although Lena had brought with her a good degree, post graduate qualifications, a great reference from her old firm and five years experience.Image result for first weekWithin her first week she saw three people sacked and many others brought to tears because of the way they had been treated. Maybe that in itself would have alerted you to the big red flag, that was vigorously waving. What would you have done in that situation? It all comes down to what you stand for! Lenas’ first week must have been scary, she may have been torn between ‘this is a new job, better keep my head down’ and ‘I’m I seeing work place bullying here?’ Are there situations in your life that prompts you to stand up for what is right? Do you do the right thing or like Lena, keep your head down? I read a saying the other day that said - You have to stand for something or you will stand for anything. Another reference to this quote is - If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. What are you letting slide, because you don’t want to ‘rock the boat’ or take a stand? Anything that makes you feel uneasy, as mentioned above is your Soul telling you to do something about it. What Lena saw in her first week, became the norm after working there for three months, she too was shouted at, made to feel less than and threatened with the sack. Lena allowed her work place to dictate her worth by belittling her value to their company. Knowing your worth, (we are not talking about cash value here, we are talking about self-worth,) is an important step in getting what you believe you are worth…That is, getting the treatment and respect you are owed. (See ‘What Do  You Do For a Living’ Chapter 11 ‘Are You Getting Your Worth’) Had Lena known her worth, she would have left in her first week or at the very least, had words with the HR department. By staying and doing or saying nothing about the treatment of others, let alone the way she was treated, showed her boss that Lena was just like all the rest of their employees and could be treated how they felt best.

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What are you standing for in your life? Are you being treated unfairly? You should start with your home-life…(touchy subject, I know)! Can you change anything there? Are the people in your home, pulling their weight? I have been accused, by my children, for giving some of them more rope than others! I have been accused, by my family, of being too proud and not asking for help when clearly I needed it. Some of us have been putting up with certain ill-treatment because we are afraid of making waves or upsetting the equilibrium of our household. 

It’s time to make a change and stand up for yourself. 

A lot of you know that you are worth better, but insist on settling for a limited lifestyle. As you will see later, if you settle for less than you are worth, some other part of your body will suffer. Start by making a stand for your worth at home. What do you stand for around your friends and family? Do you find that there are times when the conversations become a little too crass, but you laugh with the others and do or say nothing. Make a stand….It is as easy as removing yourself from that conversation. The same can be said for work mates, what do you stand for there? Put your foot down against conversations or treatments that belittle you or others. Stand for something that will make a difference in your or other peoples’ lives. It is all well and good telling people to do this or do that, without knowing the circumstances of peoples’ lives, I hear you say. I do hear you, and note I will never tell you to do something I won’t do. What I know for sure, is that we teach people how to treat us. That is everyone, think of a 2 year old, they will push boundaries until you teach them that certain things will not be tolerated. Think of a teenager who again will push boundaries, the same reaction is needed. Now think of people you meet, they come along with different beliefs, ethics, morals and standards, so may speak of things you don’t agree with or they may do things that is against your ethics or morals, you will learn to agree to disagree or let them know that that type of talk or behaviour is not appreciated. In many cases you may have to remove yourself from that conversation, situation or persons’ life. State that certain things will not be tolerated, agree to disagree or remove yourself.  Any person that continues to push your boundaries after you have voiced your dissatisfaction is cause for concern and other avenues may have to be sought. We know this as we are adults, but this is not always the way we deal with dissonance.

Lena’s feet and legs takes her to a work place that makes her feel less than. On a bad day, Lena confesses, she stops off at the local store, on her way home and buys several bottles of wine. She wouldn't give an actual amount but claims, what she buys she drinks. When asked how many days a week can be classed as a bad day, Lena said 'too many'. Again, I'm feeling sad for Lena. Where do your feet take you when you are sad....I could use this space to tell you to go here or go there when you are sad.....but this is not that type of blog......Where do you go? I stay home, pace the floor and talk it myself...Where do you go? We are aware that when you are sad, your Soul is also sad. Does your actions while sad, further saddens you and your Soul? I have found that when I am sad, I need to remember to trust, that everything happens for a reason, everything is working for my benefit, everything will work out in my favour. It is imperative that you try to do whatever you can in-order to change the situation you are in...There is a process described in ‘The Exhorted Soul’ (2018) Angela Scott, The Exhorted Soul, Amazon chapter 4 ‘Trust’ in which you are given four steps  ‘[ ] you have a concern (number 1), then (number 2), you become specific about the concern. (Number 3) is remembering that there is a place [The Soul, that place where everything is possible] that holds all that you want and need, that weightlessness state. (Number 4) You TRUST/KNOW/BELIEVE that the concern will be dealt with, and set about relinquishing the concern.’ Here you trust things will work out in your favour. I have to admit, whilst 'in' the situation, my mind can run riot, I will happily conger up all sorts of  mishaps, on one occasion I had convinced myself that I would be taken away and locked up, for non-payment. I find myself, when in these situations, thinking that things may not work out in the way I need or want them to work out. I decide that I will be let down by God/ the universe. During one of these occasions I felt  I was being told to wait on God.......Then the Bailiff turned up. I wondered why that had to happen, why did God send the Bailiff when it was known that I didn't have the money or have any way of getting it. Needless to say, I am still here and I wasn't carted away....Looking back is comfortable, its the being in the situation that we often need to mastered, as I said above, after you have done all you can do to rectify the then......Trust......Its the only advice I can give. 

Drinking alcohol, smoking excessively, inhaling harmful substances or over eating will not help.....but you already know this. This blog is about the Body and anything taken in one part of the body, will have a toll on another part of your we will see. 

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Lena voluntarily walks to a place that causes her anguish, things are so bad that she does not sleep well. You was given a bed time routine to aid restful sleep and wake in a state of possibilities. Just by knowing your worth can change a stressful situation. In Lenas’ case, she certainly would sleep better, as she would have stood up for herself against a bully boss or left the company. What are you going to do to stand up for yourself today? You was asked to look into your own life, and decide whether you are walking into sad or bad situations, whether it is a conversation or a place of work. Treat unwanted treatment, conversation and situations in the same way.....Do what you can to change it, which could be as simple as removing yourself. After you have done all you can that the situation will work in your favour, trust that God/The Universe has a reason for the situation you are in, and it will, without doubt be a favourable outcome.

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