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My aim is to share my story  in the hope it will inspire you, to find your purpose in life, make a living from your passion and live the life of your dreams.

Hi my name is Angela, I was born and brought up in England. I have lived in England all my life. Thank you for dropping by, I hope you gain something from my Blog.  I am happy to connect with you. Lets talk about Holistic living – Remember Holistic living isn’t just about food, it’s about your whole being. That’s mind, body and soul. I believe that everyone can and should live the life of their dreams. Believe it or not it’s possible. Everyone has a purpose in life, your purpose is what you are innately passionate about. Your purpose in life is to use your passion to help others, some call it Destiny or living their dream. You know you are living your life's purpose  when you can't wait to get out of bed in the morning to get started, you would do what you do for free, you can't believe they pay you for what you do. I believe that if everyone did what they were passionate about the world of work would be a better place. Check out archived Blogs.  Last year was a series of talks about how we treat and use our body, in respect of living holistically. Those blogs focused on the body, having looked at 'What you do for living' we also dealt with 'SELF=YOU' and ' The Exhorted Soul' all books can now be found on Amazon ( I introduced Lena, and we got to know Ms Lena Body intimately!

Love Live Holistically

This years' theme will feature SELF LOVE. As we intend to do things holistically, it will include Self Love, Bodily Love and Soul Love. The blogs will be shorter as they will be extracts from my up coming book- (Love Live Holistically - The concept of Self Love).

To love live holistically, is to ensure that your whole being ( Mind, Body and Soul) and way one lives their life is a portrayal of love. 

Taking care of ones Mental Health (Mind) will aid the way we show up in the world...How we act towards others and how we feel and care or not care for ourselves

Taking care of ones Body will aid the way we show up in the world...How we act towards others and how we feel and care or not care for ourselves

Taking care of ones Soul will aid the way we show up in the world...How we act towards others and how we feel and care or not care for ourselves.

Love Live Holistically-

(The concept of Self Love)



20th January 2020

The following blog is an extract from my up coming book- (Love Live Holistically - The concept of Self Love).

This first blog will concern itself with taking care of ones Mental health which will aid the way you show up in the world...How you act towards others and how you feel and care or not care for yourself.

To love live holistically, is to ensure that your whole being ( Mind, Body and Soul) and way one lives their life is a portrayal of love. 

To care for your mind is to ensure that your mental health is not threatened.

What is mental health?

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

According to - 

Over the course of your life, if you experience mental health problems, your thinking, mood, and behaviour could be affected. Many factors contribute to mental health problems, including:

Biological factors, such as genes or brain chemistry

Life experiences, such as trauma or abuse

Family history of mental health problems

Mental health problems are common but,people with mental health problems can get better and many recover completely.

One in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide. - Source World Health Organisation (WHO)

Image result for world health organization mental health

So how is your Mental Health? How do feel? (asks the Doctor to the patient) It is imperative that you are aware of how you are feeling when caring for your Mind Body and Soul. As this segment is discussing the Mind I'll ask, what are you doing too much of, or not enough of? gives early warning signs of mental distress

Not sure if you or someone you know is living with mental health problems? Experiencing one or more of the following feelings or behaviours can be an early warning sign of a problem:

Eating or sleeping too much or too little

Pulling away from people and usual activities

Having low or no energy

Feeling numb or like nothing matters

Having unexplained aches and pains

Feeling helpless or hopeless

Smoking, drinking, or using drugs more than usual

Feeling unusually confused, forgetful, on edge, angry, upset, worried, or scared

Yelling or fighting with family and friends

Experiencing severe mood swings that cause problems in relationships

Having persistent thoughts and memories you can't get out of your head

Hearing voices or believing things that are not true

Thinking of harming yourself or others

Inability to perform daily tasks like taking care of your kids or getting to work or school

As one in four of us will have experienced a mental disorder it is important that we attempt to keep ourselves as mentally healthy as possible. Note that 'being low, down or out of sorts' is still classed as mental distress....When people think of mental illness they may think of a person, in a hospital being sedated. As you can see, the above shows the signs many, if not all of us have experienced at some time or another. 

As it is important that we are aware of how we feel, we need to constantly ask ourselves how we are feeling .....

Feeling Sad, ask yourself Why

Feeling mad, ask your self Why

You find that you are indulging in activates that are aimed at masking a psychological pain or an incident......Ask yourself....Is this the best way to deal with this situation or change the way I feel now?

Feeling helpless or hopeless, ask yourself why! what has happened or more to the point 'not happened' to evoke that feeling..

I can not stress the importance of 'acknowledging how you are feeling' as it is essential to Mind Body and Soul well-being.

Be aware that if you experience any of the above, the feelings should be discussed with a friend, family member or a health professional. Contact me 

Do you consider, what could threaten your mental health?

I have decided that I will attempt not to do anything that will put me under any duress stress.

For me:

It's driving without a working 'tom tom'.

Being in situations that I am wholly dependent on another person!

Saying Yes when I really mean NO

All the above puts me under duress stress....

Image result for lost driving

I become very stressed when I am driving whilst being unsure of how to get to my destination, or without a working 'tom tom' ...I tend to get agitated, frighten, my mouth becomes dry and I get an instant need to use the toilet. I often travel along motorways, going 70+ miles per hour....If I don't take the right exit, I could end up 60/70 miles away from where I should be. Should it begin to get dark, my agitation is all the worst. (I'm working on this)

I don't ask for help often enough, but when I do, it means I have no other avenue to go down. (working on this too)

If I feel that you are not forth coming with the help I need or you 'act' as if the help I have requested is not as important as I deem it. I begin to feel embarrassed thus stressed. I understand that my drama or what I class as a priority, may not be what you class as a priority. I do not throw my dummy out of the pram. I say nothing and feel sad for me, having had to ask in the first place. I am not saying I become depressed, but It does make me feel uneasy, it does upset my equilibrium and does make me feel stressed.

I am often stressed after saying Yes to doing something or going somewhere when I really don't want to...You would think that I would learn that my No's are to stay No. In this instance, this causes me stress as I now feel obligated to do something I had agreed to do!

My three stresses above can show up in my life, in one event. For example Lets say I have agreed to see someone who lives, 100 miles away from me. I have said Yes when I really meant No. My phone is not working as well as it should, I open the Google maps app and use it anyway...I am about 45 miles away from the person I have decided to go and see, and I call a friend and ask them for directions as there is no internet connection now, the google maps direction that was downloaded before the trip has disappeared.....She states that she will have a look for directions and call me back. I sit in the layby, feeling valuable, shit scared as I am travelling alone. My friend would not know how frightened I am, my mouth is now dry, but I don't want to drink anything because I will need to go to the toilet. I know that if the next service station does not have an entrance and exit that I can see before pulling in to it, I will not be stopping, and God only knows how many miles I will have to go before the next service station. So I sit and wait..My Priority is not my friends' priority , she will get back to me, but at her own speed..not mine. The fact that I have to depend on this friend, also bothers me.....(Perhaps this is something I need to work on too) Maybe it's the idea that I do not have a plan B to fall back on, being in that situation causes me stress. Either way I have put myself in a situation that will cause me stress, and may cause me embarrassment...It is these situations that threaten my mental health and make me feel uneasy.

What threatens your Mental Health? Bear in mind that what cause one person stress may not cause another, we are all different. In trying to pinpoint what could be 'stressing you' consider how you feel, at home, at work, throughout your interactions with others  etc..Whatever stresses you...Identify it, (like I did) and do what you can to avoid it or put strategies/or coping mechanisms in place to make the situation less stressful. suggests ways to maintain positive mental health, they include:

Getting professional help if you need it

Connecting with others

Staying positive

Getting physically active

Helping others

Getting enough sleep

Developing coping skills



Image result for positive mentally healthy

One of the tools given above to maintain positive mental health includes 'staying positive', this can be difficult if what you tell yourself is not positive. We will cover negative self talk in the next blog where we learn to love ourselves.

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23rd February 2020

Image result for self love quotes

The following blog is an extract from my up coming book- (Love Live Holistically - The concept of Self Love) and will concern itself with taking care of ones self which will aid the way you show up in the world...How you act towards others and how you feel and care or not care for yourself.

The feelings of being in love, can be described in as many different ways as there are people to describe it. To describe how you would treat a person you love or in love with can be summed up, for me at least, in the word 'Care'. One can imagine the care that would, will or have bestowed on the person or persons they love. One can assume that as much care as possible is taken to ensure that persons' happiness. It is easy to consider the love we have for others, animals and inanimate objects....My love for my God and family members are ineffable. This chapter aims to compare the love and care we show others, to the love and care we show ourselves. It also aims to show that, depending on where a person 'rank' themselves in the hierarchy of importance will show the amount of care and love afforded for themselves.

This chapter assumes that we care about ourselves, it also assumes that we live in hope that our future selves will be happier than we are now.

In my book SELF=YOU (2018), Angela Scott, Amazon, Chapter ) I give an example of the love I have of my two favourite inanimate objects, that is the bust of Harriett Tubman and one of Fredrick Douglas. I explain how I felt when I was 'presented' with Harriett Tubman, I tell the reader that when I got her to my mothers home in Jamaica (Where the bust was commissioned and crafted) I put her in pride of place, front and centre of my mothers living room, I go on to tell, how she was wrapped carefully and placed in my suitcase for the journey to England. On arrival home I describe how she is was unwrapped, dusted and placed 'front and centre' in my living room. I mention the wait for the bust of Fredrick Douglas to arrive in England, as it travelled with my brother and who lived over 150 miles away from me, so I asked my son to collect it, as he was visiting other family members. I insisted that he take a picture of it, before bringing it to me when he returned home. I could go on about how I felt when the bask arrived, how I unwrapped it slowly, dusted it and placed it beside the bask of Harriet Tubman. Now the mere fact that I relished writing my feelings of my basks should alert you to the fact that I love them. My basks are inanimate objects and although I enjoy looking after and at them, I am in ore of the strength, courage and determination of these two figures. I think I have written up a storm regarding my two favourite objects! What's your favourite object? This could be a piece of jewellery, a car, a picture etc. The reason for the question is to prompt you into conjuring up the feelings you covertly hold for this object. Secondly think of how you care for the object. Often this object is kept in a dry clean place, a place of honour, maybe, where it can be seen by visitors as they enter your home. Perhaps it is only taken out on special occasions. This item is held in high esteem in your home, members of your family and close friends know how you feel about it, and all have seen it. The feeling you have summoned, should be felt about yourselves, easier said than done for most.

Image result for self love quotes

In (SELF=YOU (2018), Angela Scott, Amazon, Chapter 5 Self Love) I give a few tips on working towards loving yourself 1st - Beware of how you have allowed others to treat you. Disclaimer: Please note that the following comments assume you are a consulting able bodied adult - If someone is taking advantage of you, you will not feel good about yourself. If you are being ill treated you will not feel good about yourself. If you are being spoken to or treated with disrespect you will not feel good. I understand that you can not stop disrespect coming out the mouth of others, but once it has come out and directed at you! You can and should do something about it.....If you 'nip it in the bud' early, or better yet, the first time you hear or feel it, un-favoured treatment will not continue. always, it's easier said than done. Not many people in an abusive relationship, will tell you that the relationship started off abusive. You will find that the abusive person started off by testing the waters, they needed to find out how far they could push the boundaries. While the boundaries are being pushed they are paying close attention to your reaction. They have to find out how they can treat you, like a toddler or teenager who pushes boundaries (to see what they can get away with) In this instance you, yes you tell your perpetrator what is acceptable and what is not. Often the abuse starts off with flippant comments which could be disguised as jokes! Perhaps this person speaks a little bit louder than usual when 'upset'. Turning a blind eye, laughing off cured jokes or ignoring a raised voice , alerts the abuser that these seemingly minor acts of aggression and disrespect are ok.Image result for self love WONT TOLERATEThese acts will be tested out in private then in public, and the more frequent they are allowed to get away with this behaviour, the more they will display it. I will give you a good sign post that will let you know that you've allowed disrespect to go on far too long....Consider that you are about to go out with this person (perhaps to a gathering) you find yourself wishing and hoping they do not embarrasses you in front of people you know or your family members! Ring a bell???? Remember this disrespect or un-favoured behaviour can be coming from your own adult child. So you have been out together and either you have become immune to the disrespect or you feel that a little 'banter' is alright......You become defensive when a colleague, friend or family member tells you that they felt a little a little uneasy by the way your abuser spoke to you. The abuse, disrespect or ill treatment becomes a little more intensified, but this will be just a little...they wouldn't want to share you off completely...Perhaps this person in your life begins to throw things, at the floor, at the wall, Perhaps what they are throwing at the walls or doors is actually their fists....Can you see where allowing this person to continue that type of behaviour could escalate. Where is the self love in accepting abusive, disrespectful behaviour from another? Think of a couple that you really admire? I'll go first...President and Dr Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Stedman I admire the people in these relationships, I can not profess to know what goes on behind close doors, but I believe that they respect each other. I am not sure if Dr Michelle Obama had 'put down' her husband on a constant basis he would have become the 44th President of the USA. I am not sure if Oprah was being constantly disrespected by Stedman she would be the strong Woman she is today.  As I said I do not know what goes on behind close doors but one can assume there is a level of respect that is shared between these two couples and their partners.Image result for obamas and oprah and stedman

The 2nd thing mentioned in (SELF=YOU (2018), Angela Scott, Amazon, Chapter 5,Self Love) in-order to aid you in your quest to loving yourself, is to be aware of how you speak about yourself.

Consider what you say and think about yourself?

Is it often good, bad or you've never really paid attention of how you think about you.

What do you often say about you? Some examples

I'm just a wreck

I'm never good at things like that

I'm always late

Nothing ever goes right or works out for me.

We'll get on to what we think and say about our own bodies later.

Image result for negative self talk

Anything you say or think about yourself should be positive. Anything said after ‘I AM’ must be positive, even if you are feeling unwell, your answer to the question 'how do you feel'? should be ‘I am hoping to feel better soon’  'This will take some doing, it will take practice of being aware of how you speak, think and feel about yourself. What you say will be a minute by minute task. I can tell you it is certainly worth it. You will feel better about yourself, people around you will instinctively know how you wish to be treated. Feeling or knowing that you are just as important as any person you interact with is very liberating. I say this after being put down, putting myself down, treating myself badly, allowing others to treat me badly and far too weak to do anything about it. When you begin to see yourself on the same level as others, you will begin' [to love yourself] (SELF=YOU (2018), Angela Scott, Amazon, Chapter 5,Self Love) to start loving yourself.

Start today - Before you make a comment about you - STOP and think how you can I make this statement about me Positive?

As I said this will be a minute by minute exercise. Saying things like i'm tried may be the truth, but I want you to consider how you'll ensure your body isn't as tried as it was when you made the statement . Again we'll consider the body later. 'I am fed up' - What's made you fed up. I know this could be a myriad of things . The wider picture has you considering your life. 'I am tried and fed up' were a constant thought in my mind as my life had me living from monthly salary to monthly salary, even when I when I did get paid it didn't alleviate my tiredness because I would have to work just as hart the following month. I lived in a vicious circle of work hard, be tried, get paid and worry about not having enough.

Self love would have allowed me to stop, think about my options. for example, a better paying job may alleviate the (fed up) the worry over money. A better paying job may allow me to work less hours - thus not making me so tried. Common sense would tell you that getting a better paid job may stop you feeling fed up and tired, but Self love will put those thoughts into action, so much quicker.

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There is nothing selfish about caring for yourself, ensuring you come first (some of the time. Consider this. Do you know some one who appears calm in most situations, that same person may not have a lot of drama in their life, (or they don't talk about it) Why is that? The reason is, whatever they do or get involved in, they consider themselves. They do the maths! They consider the amount of time and effort they may have to put in and come to a conclusion that - 'me running to help you with your drama is going to cost me more than I can afford' which equals Not worth it. 'me going out with you tonight is going to leave me tried for work tomorrow' which equals Not worth it. There is nothing selfish about the maths equation above - This is Self Love, Self Care and Self Preservation. Do what you can, when you can, to all the time you can, but if it is going to cost you more in diminished health and Self Care, your answer has to be NO. (We will get on to saying NO and feeling guilty in another chapter).

We have spoken about what we tell ourselves, and how we teach people to how to treat us.

I now want to ask this question, why is it so easy for us to offer ourselves negative self talk, accept verbal abusive, but find it so hard to accept compliments, accolades or praise, responding to rarely given compliments with a 'oh it was nothing' you do realise that the 'it' in that throw away comment, diminishes all the hard work and effort you applied in-order to warrant the compliment?

In my book (SELF=YOU (2018), Angela Scott, Amazon, Chapter 5 Self Love) I propose the answer to this question lays in the fact that we do not rank ourselves as high or as valid as others, or we give the situation we attend to, embark on, tackle or go through more importance. The other reason I feel that we find it hard to accept compliments is the fear of appearing egotistical, not humble, pretentious or arrogant. A thought has just occurred to me, please indulge me for a moment, think of a person you admire for their great business sense, this can be someone famous or someone you know (This could even be your Boss) This person in your eyes have made their money from hard work, good sense and determination. Now consider them entering a room in which you and others are waiting. What feeling do you think you will experience as they enter the room? Stay with that for a while. What words spring to mind to describe this feeling? Proud, a feeling of dignitary, honour and respect. Now consider how this person will react when given a compliment for their hard work in making a multi million pound company. I don't believe this person will become a striking violet, put their hands over their mouth trying to hide a smile, than say 'oh it was nothing' or go on to explain that ' it didn't take as much work as you would think' They are likely to say thank you or to add their team to the compliment, they may say, 'It took a team to accomplish this' At no point will they diminish their hard work, sleepless nights or the potential loss of millions, with a dismissive or flippant comment. Why do we do it every-time we are given a compliment? Again we don't see ourselves or our efforts as compliment worthy. This has to STOP in order to love ourselves.

Quoted in (SELF=YOU (2018), Angela Scott, Amazon, Chapter 5 Self Love) is a warning from Deepak Chopra, not to brush away compliments or reject other people’s appreciation. We are to, let others compliment us and bask in other people’s approval when it comes our way.

Among Deepak Chopras (tips for loving yourself just as you are (June 2015) he lists what to do to be kind to yourself:- YOU MUST

  • Let others compliment you.

  • Bask in other people’s approval when it comes your way.

  • Be gentle with yourself over small mistakes.

  • Value who you are and stand up for yourself.

  • Get to know yourself like a friend.

  • Be easy about your personal quirks.'

Image result for self love quotes

To love ones self is to stand along ourselves as an aviator and consider if we treat inanimate objects better than we treat ourselves. We should be aware of what we say to ourselves when no one is listening or when s*** happens. We are to stay alert to the way we act or react to what others say to us, and to realise that we are an entity that needs and deserve to be held in as high esteem as we hold others.




24th March 2020

Image result for body image

3 John 2  (KJV) Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

1 Corinthians 10:31(KJV) 31 Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

1 Corinthians 3:16:17 (KJV) 16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? 17 If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

The three scriptures above mention looking after your health, being aware of what you eat and drink (or what you put in your body) and ensuring the body remains a temple that God can reside in. This chapter will look at these three subjects in-order to aid us care for our body.

Thich Nhat Hanh a Buddhist Monk, was asked 'How do I love myself'? He answers in a youtube video titled 'How do I love myself'. 'To love yourself ' he says 'is to remember that you have a body' he goes on to say that we can sit at the computer for two hours getting stressed, while there we are not remembering that we have a body. We are to remember the importance of the body and that we should look after the body in doing so we are showing ourselves love. Our aim should be to relieve tension or suffering in or to the body.

The bible scriptures at the beginning of this chapter reminds us to look after our health, eat drink well and remember that our body is a temple of God and thus we are to look after it.

If that is too far fetched for you. One should treat the body as if it is a new puppy!

It should be fed, nourishing foods with occasional treats.

It should feel love, and made to believe that it also gives love.

It should feel pleasure.

It should exercise.

It should interact with others.

It should be taught how to survive in the world/environment it has entered, by keeping it safe while teaching it what may cause harm.

Image result for care of anew puppy


Exercise, is important. I must admit I do not have an exercise regime, but ensure that my day does not consist of more sitting than standing and moving around. (This is not always possible, as I write and will be sitting for hours) I will take the stairs instead of the lift, I will and walk where I can, instead of taking the car. I do not proclaim to be an exercise guru, but know that it is important that to do some form of exercise, even if that means getting out each day for a walk, this could be around your own garden, up and down your stairs a few times during your day, or even a little light house keeping. There are exercise regimes for every part of the body. There is a wealth of information out there, on keeping your body healthy.

Image result for exercise

The Care of Body

We are aware of the hygienic care we are to take, in attempts to care for our body. We know how to care for our skin, nails, hair etc. We are aware of taking care of what we put in our bodies, be that food (good or bad) or drugs (good or bad)

We are aware of the importance of acknowledging what enters our body and the reason it is allowed to enter. Lets take eating: In my book ('The Exhorted Soul', (2019), Angela Scott, Amazon,chapter 12, Soul Care) I asked you to be 'mindful of what you eat. [..] Being aware of what you eat, will ensure you enjoy the actual act of eating. Take the time to appreciate your food, be mindful of where it comes from and what it took to reach your table'. I encourage you to be mindful of why you are eating, is it because you need nourishment? Or are you over indulging? Do you eat more when you are sad or happy? Are the foods you are eating fatty, lean, full of sugar or 'diet', and does it matter? Are you eating meat, fish, diary or non of the above, and does it matter? Have you considered where your foods come from? If you feel guilty about what you eat i.e how much or how little, this line of questioning may make you feel worst! To care for your body, just like the puppy, you would check the can of dog food to ensure it was suitable. We should be mindful of the anything we put in our body.

Image result for drink coffee

Consider what you call drugs! This could be caffeine, (defined as drug as it stimulates the central nervous system) Tyramine found in cheeses cured or smoked meats or fish, some overripe fruits and chocolate etc. The blood thinners found in leafy greens, the beta-blockers found in meat. I could go on but you get where i'm going with this...You may consider these drugs good for you, and most of them may be, but to not consider them at all, is an act of not caring for your body. Do you consider harmful drugs? The ones that could portentously cause harm if not taken as prescribed? Sure you do, when you are given a prescription to fill, you get it from the chemist and administer it as instructed.(Well I hope you do) After which, that rash or that pain subsides. The same could be said for medication you buy 'over the counter'. It would appear that we are then, conscious of the harm these drugs could potentially do to our body, and is an act of care of body as we are taking care of the amount we are administering to ourselves and also considering the length of time we will takes these drugs.

Then there are those drugs that we know, do harm, but we take every day, and for many of us, have been inflicting on our body for nicotine, this not Care of Body. Some of us indulge in other drugs, although they are legal in some states, may have a diverse reaction to the body, and over prolonged use, could cause all manner of illnesses. Care of Body would have us seeking help to stop any habit that could cause harm. I am not saying that this will be an easy tasks, I am just bringing it to your attention!

Body Image

We all know someone who, when given a compliment about their body will instantly say 'oh but, I don't like my legs' or 'yeah, but I think my arms are'.........too small or too big, they will then begin to show you what they are talking about, as if you are about to agree with them, by saying yes you're right, your legs, arms or whatever body part they uncover to show you, is too big or too small. I often wonder if they have every thought of what their life would be like if that limb or body part was amputated?

Image result for body image

Here's my thoughts on what to do if you are unhappy with parts of your body. You should do something about it, which could mean, losing weight, gaining weight or seeking professional advice. Disrespecting your own body, by grabbing parts of it, and proclaiming that you don't like it is not showing Body Care or love.

In a world that attempts to 'show you' via social media, what you should look like. We are to acknowledge that we are unique, so having more fat on the underside of your left arm than your right arm, for example, makes you unique, having less fat on the inside of your right calf than you left calf makes you unique. Back to that puppy mentioned above, have you ever heard anybody who has a new puppy state 'The puppy is lovely BUT it has a tuff of brown hair under its chin' or the 'The puppy is lovely BUT it's tail should be longer' Any new puppy mamma or pappa will admire the uniqueness of their new puppy. See yourself as unique and you will begin to appreciate your differences. We could ask, why are we comparing ourselves to others, but we know that we have a need to belong! Belong to the 'healthy crowd' or at least to be seen (whatever that looks like for you) as healthy. For me, I feel that I could lose a little weight, my reasoning...I'd look and feel better in my jeans! That's just being honest with you. What do you feel you could change in-order to look or feel better? Also consider, who you want to look better for? If it's yourself, all is well, if its for your Instagram followers, we need to talk

What does your body communicate to you?

Is your body happy with how you treat it?

How does it feel when you take it into hostile environments? Work, smoky rooms, into cold weather, into hot weather or even 'home'?!

What does your body say to you when it's tired? And do you hear it?

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To care for your body is to love self. To love yourself, one would assume that there will be some sort of communication between what the body wants and what you are willing or able to give it. I believe that communication should be at least hourly preferably minute by minute. One should be asking their body. How am I feeling? How am I feeling? The answers you'll get back will sound a little like this: 'I'm cold, I'm too hot, I'm tried, I'm hungry, I need this or that' Do you get the jest? We have all heard those statements or requests from our body. This is where the acts of love or body care comes in. You act as soon as possible to what your body has communicated to you. You go get a jumper, you remove clothing, you get rest,food or where possible it's needs. We are assuming that you are in a situation where adhering to the requests of your body is feasible, moral and legal. There are times our body tells us other things, for example its time to leave this job, house relationship or friendship. How long before we show our body love by adhering to those types of communications? mmmm It can take a little longer than just getting a jumper from the cupboard! I mentioned intuition in my book ('The Exhorted Soul', (2019), Angela Scott, Amazon,chapter 12,Soul Care) here you are asked to listen to your intuition, as it looks after our well-being and keeps us safe, pointing us in the direction we should go. This internal compass is never wrong. Take the fact that danger may be lurking, we tend to feel it! We also are aware when 'something is not quite right' this could even be felt when speaking to someone who is lying! That 'just knowing' feeling came from within you.

The body will use itself to communicate, by sending blood and hormones to different parts of itself in order to allow you to run or fight, the need to eat, drink or sleep will not be communicated. The body will become hot or cold when trying to get a message across to you. Many messages are sent to alert you that something has to change in-order for optimum to be achieved. We again, are aware of this, yet we often don't take heed! We push ourselves to extreme limits of tiredness (I've done this myself, having my children remove a cup of tea from my hand as I had fallen asleep in from of a small fan heater touching my leg and the tea about to fall). Not an act of body care

Keeping your body in a hostile environment, which could be a place of work, or within any type of relationship is not body care

Body care is trying to relieve suffering, pain, that uneasy feeling, stress and tension. Remember the puppy, if you wouldn't do it to a puppy, you shouldn't be subjecting yourself to it.

Stress and tension should be avoided. We live in a world that makes this almost impossible. But being aware that your body is a temple, will be your cue when stressful situations arise. Find ways of keeping calm, find ways to diffuse certain situations, if you are talking to someone and you notice that the conversation is getting a little heated, take a step back. The only way you will be able to take a step back, is by being aware that the conversation is becoming heated, and not take the stance that you will get your point across. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, constantly ask yourself, 'How am I feeling'? Your body will respond. It would then be up to you to decide whether you act on what your body has told you or not.

In the Mental Health chapter we discussed the importance of learning or being aware of what threatens our Mental Health, we are to “bear in mind what may cause one person stress may not cause another person stress, we are all different. In trying to pinpoint what could be 'stressing you' consider how you feel, at home, at work, throughout your interactions with others etc..Whatever stresses you...Identify it, and do what you can, to avoid it or put strategies/or coping mechanisms in place to make the situation less stressful”. The chapter goes on to give you tips on how to maintain a positive mental health. In attempting to keep or thieve for a positive mental health is Care of Body.

This chapter took its lead from my interpretation of the three scriptures 3 John 2  which states 'Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health'. [ ] 1 Corinthians 10:31 'Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God' and 1 Corinthians 3:16:17 which reminds us that 'ye are the temple of God'[ ]

For me, the three scriptures mentioned above, looked at our health, in that it asks us to be aware of what you eat, drink (or what you put in your body) and ensuring the body remains a temple that God can reside in.

We then looked at the answer Thich Nhat Hanh gave to the answer 'How do I love myself'? He said 'To love yourself is to remember that you have a body' If we remember we have a body, I suggest, we treat our body as we would a puppy, amongst other things we would exercise, take good hygienic care of ourselves and be conscious of what we put in our body.

This chapter talked about Body Image and asked you not to disrespect your body, by grabbing parts of it, and proclaiming that you don't like it, but to accept your body as it is or do something about changing these parts we feel is not as we would like it. But spare a moment to ask yourself, why do you dislike this part of your body? Has social media got anything to do with your reason? What does your body say to you about that body part? Would you hear it speaking? The body speaks to us always. It tells us when it is cold, hot, hungry or tried, to mention a few. Should we listen and adhered to what our body is telling us, we would realise that it is asking us to do things that will ensure that we are taking care of ourselves, our body would never tell us anything that does not serve our well being. Our bodies tell us to treat it as we would a puppy!

In order to honour the God that resides in our body and to keep our body as a temple, I believe we should endeavour to seek good mental health, to stop stressing, try to relieve or find ways to combat tension, this could be tension found in relationships or stress encountered from the environment you find yourself in. Be aware of all your interactions and ask yourself 'How do I feel' Do this often and you will always be in a state of caring for your body.

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Painful Flashbacks

24th April 2020

Traumatic Memory and Flashbacks.

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. Revelation 21:4 KJV

Reminiscing, we know can be filled with happy memory moments, we also recall the past in order to grow! We look back to remind ourselves how to do things. Sometimes we look back to see how far we have come. Have you looked back and felt sorry for yourself, or look back and wonder how you got through that or how you stayed in that situation for so long?

There are parts of my life that when I reminisce I cringe, feel sorry that I had been in that situation. There are other times, when past events just appear and the pain felt back then, comes rushing into the present. Having a flashback, sometimes has me reliving the situation quickly, which can remind me just how horrid the situation was.

These flashbacks are often called 'Pain Flashback' it is described in an article titled 'Prevalence of pain flashbacks in post traumatic stress disorder arising from exposure to multiple traumas or childhood traumatization' By B. Macdonald,T. V. Salomons L. Meteyard & M. G. Whalley (21 Feb 2018) they state that 'Flashbacks are a form of multisensory memory that are experienced with a “happening in the present” quality. Pain flashbacks are a re-experiencing of pain felt at the time of a traumatic event.[ ] They go on to say that 'Pain flashbacks are a re-experiencing of pain felt at the time of a traumatic event.

This Chapter will use two of my recurring flashbacks as examples. It will look at the stages we may have gone through to get through that past situation and the reason we have flashbacks.

My Flashback dictates that I play out the feelings of that time. I tend not to stay in that parallel past universe too long, but snap back to the present, noting that that was then, and this is now. It is to be noted here, that when these ‘flashbacks’ appear, they have been conquered up by the subconscious to be acknowledged and worked through. We will come back to that later.Ptsd

My thoughts will acknowledge the flashback, depending on what I am doing or where I am at the time of the flashback. I will certainly ask myself, what evoked that flashback, I would be looking for the train of thought that brought that flashback to the present day! Again we’ll look at that later. If time and place permits, I may wonder why I stayed in that particular situation as long as I did.

I have come to the realisation that it was circumstance and mindset that kept me there. One of my issues and the subject of many of my flashbacks was money. I felt I needed more money. My circumstance (as I saw it) was to give my jobs 100% of me - That is, work every hour the job would or could offer me. I would then come home from a shift, go to sleep, eat and go back to the job. Using that strategy I wouldn’t have time to be me or do me. What I mean by that is, I was so wrapped up in earn the ‘not enough money’ and trying to work more hours, that I didn’t stop and breath. If I had stopped for a minute, I would have realised that my efforts were not giving me what I wanted or felt I needed. I would have had the time to evaluate my work/pay ratio. In my case the equation was Give 100% = not enough money. Had I come to the realisation that if I offered work 80% of me I would have 20% for myself! I would have had time to look for another job, time to consider my options perhaps working less hours so I could give 100% at work on 4 days and keep the other 3 days for myself.

I’m not in that situation now, I came through that situation by taking a breath, I stopped for a minute, and whilst at my job, I slowed down a little, just enough to consider my plight and knowing that if I carried on giving every thing to a job that wasn’t paying enough, I wouldn't move forward, but stay stuck. I started to look for other jobs. I have often had more than one job at a time and wondered if I could do another job whilst at my current job. hmmmm how would that be possible, whilst trying to do as many hours as I could?. At the time I was taking calls from distressed patients. There wasn’t always many calls coming in and I found that I had more time to read, more then I would normally do whilst at work. I scrolled the job sites and found a job, reading, reviewing and editing pieces of work. I could read, review and edit in between phone calls. HAPPY DAYS. When I got home, I sent an email to my prospective employer, they emailed back asking for samples of my work. Within three days I was employed. They didn’t even hear my voice (Everything was done by email) I was so surprised as to how fast this company took people on! I asked my daughter if this is how people get work these days? She said ‘yes mum, I get a lot of work through social media’ I was a little dubious as the field I normally work in, being 'employed’ would take at least six weeks from the first face to face interview. I went on to produce the work as expected within a week and earned over £1,000.00 HAPPY DAYS. I now looked forward to going to work to answer distress calls, as I knew I would be earning two wage instead of one that ‘wasn’t enough’.How to survive in a world without cheques | This is Money

My path from being in the situation to coming out of it was Circumstance – I had worked and worked and worked, without coming up for breath. One November I worked over 100+ hours extra in the hope that I would have ‘enough’ for the following month (Christmas). While trying to rack up those extra100 hours, I wasn’t trying to work smarter, I wasn’t thinking of how much harder I was working. I just wasn't thinking, having a holiday approaching didn’t give me no time to recalibrate. In my mind, I had to keep going and accepting as many hours as I could physically do.

The other important element of getting out of my then situation was my Mindset. I must admit I had gotten pretty low, thinking, how am I possibly going to get out of this crazy cycle of work, sleep, work some more. I asked God/The universe for help. In fact in a journal entry, I had written helppppppppppppp! After writing those words a small voice said look on xxxxx jobsite. I looked and found the job mentioned above, reading, reviewing and editing written work.

Before getting to my very low state, low enough to ask for helpppppppp. My mindset had changed enough to have me searching for jobs in earnest, in-fact I was willing to re-locate. I was willing to sleep on my Sons or daughters’ couch and put my furniture in storage in-order to get that job that would pay ‘enough’ or more. I knew something would turn up, but did not know what or even how it would arrive. I believe it was my willingness to let go and let God, after asking for help. That sent me in the direction of that £1,000.00 a week job!

The looking back above, spoke of being in a past situation and how I believe I got through it.

There are other times that you look back and feel sorry for yourself, back then you may have felt that there was nothing you could do about the situation you found yourself in. Thinking about now makes you feel sad for the you, you had been, back there.

There was a time in my life where my finances didn’t not allow for enough food to be purchased for myself. My children had all left home. I had taken a year off. I didn’t make a success of a business venture and found I had to go back to work. I took the first job I found, I applied and it was offered. It didn’t pay ‘enough’ but it was work. As you have seen my work ethic is to give 100% so I did just that, leaving no time to consider any other options. I fell behind with my bills and found myself contacting a debt relief company. They asked me to list all my debts, all my incomes and my outgoings. When they read it back to me, they said that I had not put down enough for food. I let them known that I tried to cut back on my spending and the only place I could cut my spending was on food. On the next day I had to call them back as I had to add other information regarding my debts. They read my debts back to me, this person stated, like the person I spoke to the day before, ‘you haven’t given yourself enough for food’. Again I explained my rationale of spending that amount. It was only after having to go through the same procedure with yet another debt relief advisor over the phone. I began to feel sorry for myself and even writing this now, I have a flashback of how I felt back then. It was sad to know that I had to cut my food budget in-order to pay the rent and a few bills. One just gets on with it. This is how I remember it. I would get my wage, hoping I had worked enough extra hours to see me to the next months wage. I often looked at the payslip thinking, I could do with double that figure. Well that’s how it was for me. I would make the food I had stretch, I would add vegetables or make a meal without meat. As my shifts would be over 12 hours, sometimes I would take bread and butter sandwiches if I didn’t have egg, ham or cheese. One tends to just get on with it, the best way they know how.

I can not remember going to bed hungry, but I knew I didn’t have enough! Today as I said earlier, that situation still saddens me to know that yes, Angela you didn’t have enough. The reason it hit home was the fact that ‘others’ (The debt relief advisors) brought it to my attention or should I say out in the open. It is one thing to be going though situations in silence or on your own, it takes on a different ‘feeling’ when others become aware of it, I believe the situation takes on the vibe or feelings of the other person, as now there are two people feeling sad, embarrassed or ashamed of the situation, the situation feels even more dire!Brenda F. Anderson on Twitter: "Alter your thoughts when they are ...

Did Circumstance and Mindset help change this situation? Lets see.

The Circumstance – or my circumstance was, I didn’t or felt I didn’t have enough money. In order to survive, or maintain my daily routine.. I carried on…I just got on with it. I spent as little as possible on food and cooked accordingly. My ability to earn more money was not investigated as I was too busy trying to work every hour God and my then employer was willing to give me. I came home slept eat and went back to work mmmmmmm sounds like a pattern, what a mindset to be in! You need money, you find any job, whether it pays less than you are worth or not, you take it and then find yourself having to work over 100 extra hours just to make enough to pay the rent and some bills! How does that make sense? Lets look at what happened when my mindset changed.

The Mindset change came when I decided to get help mmmm again sounds like another pattern. The debt relief advisors put my mind at ease, letting me know that help was at hand, they could speak to my debtors for me and advising me to contact them too, letting them know that I was in touch with the debt relief company and to offer them my reference number, so they could call them and get information on my income and expenditure, this did stop the debtors calling as they all gave me a few month grace to get things sorted.

When we look back at our not so nice past and feel the ping of pain that being in that situation caused. We sometimes beat ourselves up with ‘I should have done this or I should have done that’ We now know that it takes the circumstance and the mindset to make a change. These two stages are seen in my Liminal stage, a phrase I coined in my book ('Lena Body' ( 2019) Angela Scott, Lena Body, Amazon 'Ahead' chapter 12) It is 'The point between I want change and changing' [ ] 'It's a time of the unknown, you've never been here before, never been in this particular situation, dealing with this particular problem .....If you had, you wouldn't be going through my Liminal stage. This is a stage of growing, you know that you can not go back because you have outgrown the situation and want change.' There are four stages to the Liminal Stage, but Stages 1 and Stage 3 are relevant here - Stage 1) Awareness like circumstance or situation. One becomes aware that something has to change, something has to be done and Stage 3) the Seeking help activity. We go through a mindset change, from 'I've just got to get on with things' (working as many hours as I could get, buying and cooking what food I had) to 'I can't go on like this, something has to change' and we seek help.

There are other past events in my life that only called for help or mindset change, some are too horrid to mention here. The awareness stage and the help stage happened instantaneously. In those instances, the flashback isn't as mild as others, even today I believe some counselling may be of benefit.

When a flashback appears with it's pain, we are to remember that we had to go through that situation for a reason. We are not to beat ourselves up with the 'I should have......' If we find ourselves going through the same situation again, we are to ask ourselves....'Why am I here again'?, Often times, it's because we haven't learnt the lesson we were suppose to learn the first, second or third time we went through it. As mentioned above, there are solutions where our mindset change kicks in quickly and we seek help instantly. If that situation even peaks it's head around the corner, heading in your direction, you can smell it and your trained mindset pricks up, gets into gear and blocks that situation from gathering momentum. You stop it in it's tracks and it doesn't reach you.

Moving forward, is there a way we can avoid the situations that have given us those painful flashbacks?

To some degree, Yes. Remember some of the situations we encounter, are to ensure we emerge stronger and wiser, sometimes we go through these situations in-order to enable us to help others evade the same situations. In my situation of accepting the first job I was offered, in-order to pay the bills. I properly did not listen to my intuition when it said 'Don't take that job' When taking the job, I was of the mindset 'this will pay some bills, this will give me some money, this will help' for a while! I would not have looked any further than the first few pay checks. As the Law Of Attraction states, what you think about, you bring about. My job did just that, it paid some bills, it gave me some money, it helped (a little). I have never never had a job that I thought I would retire from, meaning I never ever thought that I would be in one job for 20 or 30 years, never. My concern has always been, this will pay me money for now! Once in the job I would give 100% and become somewhat 'stuck' busying myself with working, trying to get by with the 'not enough wage', paying bills, debts and buying food! There was no time for anything else in regards to my job status. It was a 'vicious circle' I was use to. This is why listening to our intuition is vital in every aspect of our lives and yes, you may have not had to experience that 'bad' situation if we had listened, any lesson that we were to learn, we would have been taught in a more pleasing way. Note that this is not a we should have done this or done that type of advice..Intuition should be our first port of call in every aspect of our lives.

Stopping and taking a breath before entering into any new situation is also a great way of giving ourselves time or a chance to hear what intuition has to say. To answer the question how I can avoid situations that give us painful flashbacks - Listen to your intuition! Now some situations do not start off as 'bad' or 'painful' situations. To avoid that situation becoming one that evokes the pain, you need to ask yourself two questions, that is 1) 'should I be here' and 'Do I want to be here'? If you answer NO to any of those questions GET OUT. Find ways to leave the situation. It doesn't matter what the situation is! Make strides to leave. This could be seeking help, seeking advice to get out, looking for a new job or place to live. Just do something to show the universe that you want a change by putting one foot in-front of the other, in the direction you want to go and God, the Universe will show you away. But you must listen, you must be open to what comes your way, the minute your mindset has changed from 'I'm in this situation' to 'I want out of this situation' The answer will come, you just have to be ready to hear it. Your answer to your plea may come from an unexpected source. I remember having to leave my home, as I was nearing an eviction date. I was still working full time which I needed or felt that I needed in-order to generate enough money for a deposit, among other things. I believed in the power of God and knew that a way would be found to get me and my family somewhere else to live. 'Something told me to ask anybody I met at work if they knew of a good Estate agent (real estates agent) in the area. So any time I was in conversation with anyone I would mention it. There was this one guy at work who only came in once a week, I never usually get a chance to speak with him, our normal conversations would be 'Hi' and 'Bye' , but as I been told that I should ask anybody I met at work for a good estate agent. I asked him the question. He said 'yes, their name and number is on this card, give them a call' So I did, do you know I picked up the keys to my new home within a week! All paper work and deposit was paid and handed over within a week. That is the power of a changed mindset, listening and being open.

I often ask myself why I didn't do certain things sooner.

Read the conclusion I came to, in my new book which is out at the end of the year called Love live holistically.



24th May 2020

Soul speaks.....when mind is quiet..... | Quotes, Life quotes ...

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth 3 John 2 KJV

The body and Soul go hand in hand, as we are spiritual beings living in a physical body. Keeping the body healthy, warm and fed is in part, keeping the Soul happy, and that's our aim in life, to keep the Soul or spiritual part of our being happy.

This chapter will look at the part, our Soul plays in ensuring we make the right choices and how it communicates with us. The word intuition and soul or spirit is used interchangeable throughout this chapter. 

Do you realise that if you keep your spirit happy, you will never have to worry about anything for the rest of your life! I know that that is a big statement. Lets look at that statement. The Souls' purpose is to keep you safe, it is to look after your well-being and on the right path for your life. If the purpose of the Soul is to steer us in the right direction, how does it communicate?

In my book 'The Exhorted Soul chapter 12 - Soul Care.' I explain how our Soul speaks to us. It is through intuition. Intuition is that small voice within us that says, leave early for work today, if adhered to, we find that all other trains due to leave after that early train you took, had been cancelled, or you find that that impulse buy was a Godsend as it was needed a few days later, at a time you wouldn't have been able to purchase it.

On hearing or feeling what intuition wishes to convey, our human body may begin to explode with hormones, rushing to get to the parts of our body that needs it the most, for example in the case of a flight or fight situation, or we may just get a feeling that something isn't right. If we take the time to listen to what our body and intuition is trying to convey to us, we would always take the right action for the situation we are in or the decisions we have to make.THE POWER OF LEARNING TO LISTEN- SentinelassamListening to our intuition plays it's part in keeping the Soul happy, as we are aware that the souls' only purpose is to keep us safe and on the right path for our life, so acting on its advice (and it is only advice, because we all have free will) we would always take the right step for our lives. In my case I wouldn't have taken the first job that was offered, a job that didn't pay enough for the bills I had coming in. I wouldn't have accepted the rate of pay offered. I would have made better investment choices. If I had listened when my intuition told me not to purchase that item, I would have enough to pay that bill, I had forgotten about.

Living intuitively takes constant, even minute by minutes effort! Think about it right now....does something tell you to continue reading this chapter or is that something telling you to check the dinner you've put in the oven? Should you continue reading, after being told to check the oven, you may find that your meal is over cooked, or worst. That is just a simple example, but if we practice listening to our intuition or that 'something', telling us what to or not to do, our lives will be richer in every sense of the word.

If we listened to our intuition/Soul we would live in a world where every traffic light turns green as soon as we approach it. We would get the best deals, always get that parking space next to the exit etc etc...and should the traffic light turn red, we missed the summer deal or the parking spaces are all taken, we would remain in the knowledge that we were not meant to reach our destination yet, we were not meant to park where we normally park or there will be a better offer round the corner. This may sound like a cop out, but I assure you that when you live intuitively your mood is often more elevated than others...You see the world, your family members, friends, work colleagues and members of the public in a different light. Take for example that person who over took you, as you was approaching the lights, they drive through and it immediately turns to red. A person who lives intuitively will say something like...' They obviously need to get somewhere really fast' (or words to that effect) You will not shout at them as they whizz past, wish them unwell or stress out because you've been stopped by a red light! As for that summer offer that you missed, you'll know that there is a reason for everything, and you'll get a better deal somewhere else or that that money will go to something that may generate even more money...get the picture? Your thoughts go to a more positive place. As opposed to stressing over what you think you have lost or have been denied.

But having me tell you all of this is one thing, proving it for yourself is another. Think back at a time when you followed your gut feeling and things worked out to your advantage? Think back to a time when you didn't follow your feelings and things did not work to your favour! I know this is not proof enough for you to walk around trusting your gut in every eventuality. I know that following my gut feelings or intuition gets me what I want sooner and most of us know this too. So why do we not follow it?

We live in a world of ego and dear I say it the real world, where decisions are made instantaneously which can have catastrophic consequences. I have spoken about the role of the ego in my book. ' The Exhorted Soul chapter 11 - Ego'. The ego is that 'Other Voice' We hear when a decision is to be made. I propose you consider The Ego as an immature entity with a big head! Let’s call him Heady.

Immature Heady sees itself as the big I AM. Heady the Ego is self-absorbed, conceited, an entity that believes it is the labels others place on it. The Ego is self preserving. It will try and keep things how they are. In doing so, its aim is to keep you alive. For Heady, there is no need for change. The Ego has kept you alive thus far and things appear to be working. Heady understands there is no need to change ANYTHING if it’s working, however if the change involves you impressing others, the Ego will be all for that.

Think for a minute about leaving your job and following your passion….Did Heady appear? What did it say? I can imagine it saying ‘don’t be silly, how are you gonna pay the rent?’ Remember, The Ego is ‘what I have’. Starting a new venture may leave you with less than you currently have. To the Ego, leaving a dental practice to become a black smith (your passion) will hear the Ego shouting ‘What a black smith, instead of a dentist. A dentist is much more known, than a black smith. Remember the Ego is what ‘it’ does for a living and what other people may think of it. The Ego will keep you where you are in life, as change may take you to a place ‘less than’ where you are at the moment.

The Ego is selfish and would rather not see change as it may upset the equilibrium of your life causing you to fail! Ego wouldn't like that. 'the shame' what will others say?

You will have to distinguish between Ego talking and intuition. Daunting I hear you say. Practice makes perfect I say. If you prove intuition on an hourly basis you'll get to know or hear it's voice over the sound of ego. Here's a tip, The Ego will give you drawn out sentences to consider, why you should or shouldn't do something. Intuition on the other hand will only use THREE/FOUR WORDS e.g 'don't go there' 'leave early today' or 'don't buy that'

In my book 'The Exhorted Soul' I explain the reason one should live intuitively. My aim is to help you live a life of your dreams. I also propose that most people who have reached their goals in life would have exhorted their soul. (they had put their soul to work) As they would have gone within (listened to their intuition/Soul) in-order follow their goals. Let's give you an example here. Consider a person who wants to get into acting. Now I'm not privy, to what is needed to become an actor, but i'm sure there are different types of acting i.e stage/theatre and TV. If you feel this is your passion, you would have done some research into this art, you may have sought out some form of education, acting school or classes.

Perhaps you would seek out employment as an extra, maybe you'd get an agent who could point you in the right direction or get you some work.

Big Star: 'You Get What You Deserve' - an Introduction and 10 of ...

In an ideal world you would get noticed and became a big star. But real life has you coming out of acting school and having to get work wherever you can, as you have to pay the rent, this may keep you from following your dream and chasing a pay cheque instead. I am not about to say that if that person followed their intuition they would have been 'noticed' by a big production company and became a big star, the minute they stepped out of acting school. However a person who is totally focused on their goal, will instinctively seek out, and accept jobs that will either give them the wage they need and want or enable them the experience they need or want. Paying rent would not necessarily be the first thought. I know! (for me, this would be inconceivable as I had children), buying food would not be their first concern, either you and I know that these items are important, relevant and vital. But that persons' mindset would be focused on their acting, any thoughts that deter them from their goal may be ignored. This goal focused mindset may be open to the voice of their intuition, they may be tuned into what they feel would forward their career. This is not to say that Ego wouldn't pipe in, but they would consider these voices and decide what path to take. One can be 'too' focused, and hear only the voice of Ego, telling them to take any acting job offered. Whether it goes against their principles, morals or ethics. However, the mere fact that they are listening and having feelings that something could be right or wrong opens the door to hear or feel the Soul trying to communicate.

The scenario above is not an exact science and one should spend time considering their own 'feelings' about what they intend to do in any situation. The point I am trying to covey is, the goal we are trying to reach would be achieved sooner and with less stress by listening to our intuition. One may not consider, 'the what could go wrong', instead they would consider the end goal and how they will feel when it is reached. A mindset like that will inevitably encourage intuition, once adhered to will please the Soul.

I have mentioned in 'The Exhorted Soul' that our goal in life is to keep the Soul happy. I explain how we feel when the Soul is happy – Contentment and at peace has been mentioned to describe these feelings.


Living intuitively

In an aim to live intuitively, ones' goal is keep the Soul happy. As mentioned above, if we know that our intuition is always right, why is it that we do not follow it. We spoke about the part Ego plays in answering that question. But 'as we are human and have been living a logical rational life thus far....If we tried to live any other way, we may not survive. We have had to live by experience and what makes sense! Learning to change our cognitive process can be difficult' (Lena Body(2019) Angela Scott, Lena Body, Amazon chapter 10 ‘Nose - Intuition’), Karen Young author of the article '9 Ways to Tap Into Your Intuition (And Why You’ll Want To)' and Francis P Cholle author of the article 'The Intuitive Compass' state that - Intuition is powerful and can lead to amazing insights, but that doesn’t mean you follow it blindly. It’s still important to use common sense and a balance of rationality.

To follow your intuition or listening to what your Soul has to say to you, will make your life exponentially fuller, happier and less stressed. In my book 'Lena Body' some of the authors quoted in chapter ten 'Nose- (Intuition)' give their opinions or testimonies of living intuitively, here are few.

Juhea Kim (from peaceful dumpling) states that 'since I’ve begun living more intuitively, so many things changed. After feeling like a floater for most of my life, I found my home, sweet home in an upper-west corner of New York. I left my secure but stressful job to the most fulfilling, fun, and rewarding job: Peaceful Dumpling. Most importantly, I met someone when I was completely off-guard, at a bar where no respectable relationships are known to be born—and yet, I knew in my core that he was the One. I’d never planned for any of these things to happen. But my intuition lets me know that these blessings were just meant to be.

'My life fell into all sorts of previously unimagined opportunities and adventures which come good'. Sylvia Clare MSc. Psycho author of Trusting your Intuition.

'In my experience, nothing can compare with the pure joy, love, wonder, beauty and abundance that I have been able to enjoy from living intuitively. Living aligned with your intuition will allow for a fuller, happier and more satisfying life experience'. - 'Tuning In To Your Intuition: 7 Ways To Listen Up' By Katrina Love Senn.

Living intuitively is, to me, the only way to live. It has made EVERY difference in how I run my business, how I parent my children, my relationship with my husband, and my relationship with myself - Karen Geddis Author of article   '3 Simple Ways to Begin Living Intuitively Today'

In these series of talks – We mention taking care of the mind, the body and the Soul. We are spiritual beings living in a physical body. We have to take care of the both of them.

This chapter stated that if you keep your body warm and fed, you would be working towards keeping your Soul happy. It is suggested that you wouldn't have to worry or stress over the small things, you wouldn't take the wrong job, keeping you there for ten years with no prospects of moving up, you would have the right job for the right pay. You'd find that most of the time you will be at the right place at the right the time. You will be the one who gets the bargains or win the prizes at events. You will be the one who chooses to invest in a company at the right time and selling before stocks plummet. Do you know anyone like that? Whether that person knows it or not, they have exhorted their Soul, they have put their Soul to work as they are communicating with each other constantly. Why don't you try it for 24 hours, let me know how you get on

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