The Exhorted Soul – encourages you to put your soul to work to create the life you want. A new concept for those who believe that the soul is a separate entity, that is only felt when something ‘touches’ it, like a sweet childs’ song or when someone goes above and beyond their duty of care and love, to do something nice to or for you. Ultimately floating off back to the ‘heavens’ when the last breath is taken. The Exhorted Soul alerts you to the fact that the Soul has many more functions, and can work, produce, and make your life exponentially better. This book is available on Amazon Kindle is also available                                                          

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This book looks at what you do for a living, using my  journey from being a  single mother at 17. My life and circumstances led me to being evicted from homes, enduring domestic violence to gaining an Honours degree in Psychology. I went on to study a Masters in Counselling psychology and PhD, right up until today where I am living my passion helping others to find and follow their passion regardless of what life has thrown at them. or PaperBack

SELF=YOU SELF=YOU is an insight into the many selves we project to the world, and the secret self we show no-one. SELF=YOU will give you an insight into YOU. This book may be daunting for some as it may open old wounds. For others, it will put a spot light on some of the people they keep close to them. This book is also available on Amazon Kindle SELF=YOU  

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Find and follow your passion (A chronological look at finding and following your passion) This a mini guide to finding and following your passion.   Get yours FREE HERE This book is also available on Amazon Kindle for £1.99

I have written several books and would like to help you write that book. It is as easy as dictating your chapters and we will write them up for you, to working together to get that book written...Either way you will end up with that book you have always wanted to write...

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The Game of Life and how to play it, is the book that changed my life. I have found many different ways to give this book away for thirty Years. Enjoy reading it or just listen to the Video.

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