Love live holistically

Living Holistically Isn't Just About Food, It's About  the  Whole Being.


Abraham Maslow created the Maslow Hierarchy of needs, in which he states that people are motivated to achieve certain needs. When one need is fulfilled, a person seek to fulfil the next one and so on. Living holistically means just that. Fulfilling all your needs Love live holistically aims to help you achieve all your needs with help, encouragement and inspiration.

Spiritual- What are Spiritual needs? 1. The need for meaning and purpose 2. The need to give love 3. The need to receive love 4. The need for forgiveness, creativity and hope. Love live holistically will show you techniques in order to guide you towards Spiritual fulfillment. Regardless of your faith. 

Health- How is your health? Is there any part of your health that concerns you? Loveliveholistically will help you encourage a healthy Lifestyle.

Well Being - How are you? When asked this question, we may say 'I'm good' or 'fine'. Loveliveholistically aims to assist you to achieve your goals, by finding and following your passion, this will show you your purpose in life, help you make a living from your passion and live the life of your dreams.

My Name is Dr. Angela Scott and I have been a psychologist for over eighteen years. I believe that with help, each person can reach their best potential. Be in the best of health, achieve their purpose and make a living from their passion. My journey has not been an easy one, but I have arrived at a point in my life, where I can help people over the humps in the road. My story can be found in e-book on Kindle ( or PaperBack ( Feel free to take a look, it will give you an insight into who I am, and how I may be able to help you. Remember to pick up my FREE e-book 'Find and Follow your Passion'on your way out (click the book) or Also available on Kindle

My latest book SELF=YOU 

SELF=YOU is an insight into the many selves we project to the world, and the secret self we show no-one. SELF=YOU will give you an insight into YOU. This book may be daunting for some as it may open old wounds. For others, it will put a spot light on some of the people they keep close to them.
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